JAT Airways

JAT AirwaysIn Serbia the national flag carrier airline is the JAT airways. It took its start in 1927 with the initial name of Auroput. In World War II its function was resumed and later in 1947 it again started working but with the different name and ultimately in 2003 its name was finalized as JAT Airways. Its main hub is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport with the fleet size of 18. There are around 25 destinations round the globe it is serving and it has been found that it is remarked as the finest services providing airline in the market. Its headquarters is in Belgrade.

Special Consideration for Meal and Other Services

Jat Airways provides the efficient services in the meal as well as comfort. JAT catering makes you all meal concerns satisfied and for vegetarians' special consideration is put to give them separate food. Further for Vagas and toddlers to its offers amazing food. On board here are two general classes that are made available for passengers. These include the Business and Economy class. The facilitating services providing with Laptop, internet access, refreshment, and availability of cuisines as well as all time available drinks make it a soothing experience for everyone to come across.

Availability of Charter Flights

There are charter flights too where in both individuals as well as group flights are taken on both domestic and international levels. These are often used by tourist agencies, sports teams, artists and congress participants.

Summer Vacations and Flights

In summers most flights run to Turkey, Greece, Spain Italia, France and a few other destinations. There are cargo services too that are available for easy traveling. The medical assistance and maintenance services run all together the flight and it ensures the quality services of the airline in the simplest ever respects.

The e-ticketing services has facilitated the masses to maximum possible extents and it has been found that e check-in service makes everyone get relaxed with the most recent details related to the flight arrivals and departure.

The details about your carriage along with the measurements are made available for your use. Moreover it has been found that one can enjoy easy payment channels online and incase your plans become changed then JAT Airways can facilitate you in maximum possible respects. Therefore get yourself entertained with finest JAT air services with the cheap deals to meet your budget.